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Science Links


Class Projects


Drugs and Addiction




Climate Change Debate

Brief summary of the Kyoto Protocol

Friends of Science

Medical Resources

  • Medline Plus was created by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Features include an illustrated medical encyclopedia, a comprehensive reference with more than 750 health topics and medical dictionaries.
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center has an interactive reference with more than 50,000 pages of professionally reviewed medical and health content. Specific reference collections include an English medical reference, a Spanish medical reference, a drug interaction reference, an alternative medicine reference, a pregnancy reference and a care guide.
  • The John Hopkins Medical Desk Reference is a comprehensive and well-organized guide to medical conditions and illnesses.
  • The International Center for Scientific Research is a valued worldwide reference. The organization has a fantastic Internet portal of scientific websites, a directory of researchers and multiple references.

Teacher Pages

Mr. Striemer

Mr Deakin's wiki

Miscellaneous Resources

Biomolecular Explorer 3D

Chem 4 Kids

Cosmic Variance: A physics blog

Dark Matter

Darwin Online: The complete works of Charles Darwin, compiled online.

Disease Detectives: Games and information about disease control

How Stuff Works

I Love Bacteria: A fun and simple introduction to science topics.

Journey of Mankind

New Scientist Online

Science Daily

Sixty Symbols:  Physics and Astronomy symbols decoded

Worldometers: Real-time statistics

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