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History and Social Studies

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History and Social Studies Links


Class Projects


Climate Change Debate

Law Resources

  • The Law Library of Congress hosts the world's largest collection of law reference books and legal resources. The site features more than 2,000 volumes that cover nearly 300 nations.
  • Internet Law Library boasts a massive directory of legal resources. It is a great place to find information on American laws and foreign laws.
  • LLRX.com is dedicated to providing up-to-date law and technology resources for legal professionals. The site has a searchable database, detailed information about court rulings and legal research references that cover everything from U.S. law to foreign and comparative law.
  • National Paralegal College has an entire online course on Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure, complete with textbooks and online lectures available for free at the link.  Special thanks to Ms Smith at New England Studies for letting me know about the link!
  • WashLaw, provided by the Washburn University School of Law, publishes links to all known law material on the web. Users can search for information alphabetically, by subject and by geographic region.
  • The D'Angelo Law Library reference librarians have created a fantastic list of law references and resources. Users can find everything from legal libraries and law databases to research guides and online legal journals.
  • Court Records (Manitoba): If you're looking for Manitoba case files, this is the place to start.

News Gathering Services

Miscellaneous Resources

9-11 Footage Archive

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

Canada and the World

Canada's Virtual Vault: Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Canadian Geographic Development Maps

CBC archives collection

CIA World Factbook

Court Records (Manitoba)

Currency Exchange

Depression Scrip

Eternal Egypt

History World


Human Development Index

International Relations and Security Network

The Dionne Quintuplets: A collection of links

Geography Games links

Geography Quiz

Global Incident Map


Voices of the Holocaust

Internet Archive: News footage archived online

Journey of Mankind

Manitobia: Manitoba History Resource

Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence

National Archives (USA)

PBS Frontline: Archived Episodes

Soviet Propaganda

Travel Links

Where Are The Children: Residential Schools site

Texas Beyond History: Tracing the history of what is now Texas through 10,000 years of habitation

Walmart Growth Video

Worldometers: Real-time statistics

World War One Sketchbook

Collection of famous people's World War One draftcards

Collection of World War II propaganda posters.

Article about single mother wage increases in the Us and Canada


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