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Databases are not web resources. Instead, they give access to thousands of articles that have been vetted by professional fact-checkers and editors, and are thus much more reliable than just about anything you'll find through a Google search. We highly recommend articles found on the following databases for research.


The Canadian Encyclopedia has long long been the trusted name in Canadian history research. Some time ago, however, the publishers stopped making the print edition, choosing instead to focus on their online edition. The result is a top-notch, up-to-date resource for all things Canadian.


Shaftesbury has an eBook collection that's growing every day.  Lots of resources to be found here! 



Stats Canada has an online learning tool named E-STAT that is specially designed for use by the educational community. With E-STAT you can generate dynamic tables, customize graphs and maps using Statistics Canada's Census of Population and socioeconomic data.


World Book Online is the online version of the encyclopedia. The information found here is very in-depth. World Book online is often a great place to start any search.


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